Algra Syrup




JAVARA (Triticun Sativum) kumara (Alovera) Lilicha (Lemon Grass), Lower cholesterol, Detoxifies the body,Prevent cancer,Helpful for the treatment of staphylococcus Aureus Stomach disorders (constipation), Treatment insomnia Respiratory Disorders (Asthma), Cures Fever Treats Infections, Reduces Aches Nervous System, Helpful for type 2 Diabetes, Prevents Rheumatism Boosts the immune system, Skin care (soothes rashes and skin irritations) & psoriasis Cellular health, Treats Edema Aromatherapy Obesity, Helpful for body odor Insect Repellent Culinary Usage, Helpful for Fibroid Itching Provides Antioxidants and reduces Inflammation Treatment for Osteoarthritis Depression, Heals cold sores Moisture hair & scalp Aids Digestion Helpful for blood purification Control of stomach worms Improves muscles tone and act as a good Source of Vitamins. It balances Hemoglobin levels It has over 370 nutrients.


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