Double Plus Laundry Detergent




II.Product compositions:

(1) Marine biological extracts

(2) Coconut oil derivatives

(3) Surface active agents, etc.

III. Product function

(1) Easily removing stains

(2) Easy to rinse, no residue, no phosphorus, aluminum and fluorescent brightener

(3) No injury to hands, no injury to clothing, mild and non-irritating

(4) The fragrance is comfortable and it has a good antioxidant effect

(5) Laundry, color protection, flexibility, three-in-one (for hand-washing and washing machine respectively)

  1. Scope of application:

Suitable for cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fiber texture clothing, while applicable to children and underwear washing.

  1. Comparison demonstration:

(1) Fluorescent agent detection

(2) PH value test

(3) De-staining effect

(4) Antioxidant Comparison

(5) Detection of pure natural ingredients

Final conclusion: Our laundry detergent has prevailed in terms of five items (no fluorescent agent, neutral PH value, good stain removal effect, good antioxidant effect, pure natural ingredients)

  1. The petrochemical laundry detergent is harmful to the human body

Many detergents are of petrochemicals. Chemical residues will harm our skins, seriously pollute human fluids and blood. Our health is endangered!  So it is conducive to our health choosing our company’s pure natural, healthy, carbon-free, environment-friendly detergent!

VII. Value:

(1) High concentration, 1 bottle equals 2 bottles of other brands

(2) Pure natural ingredients, easy to clean and no residue

(3) Affordable price, market price 1600 Naira


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