Double Plus Negative Ion Sanitary Pad



Double Plus Negative Ion Sanitary Pad is an organic product made from Bamboo tree fibre which is safe to use and has no side effect. But not suitable for use during pregnancy.

And, more than what is listed above, we have gathered personal experiences of users who were treated and cured while using the product

1. Vaginal itching
2. Pelvic Inflammation
3. Contact Dermatitis
4. Yeast Infection (Vaginal Candidiasis)
5. Fallopian tube infection
6. Uterine fibroids/ infections
7. Cervical Erosion

8. Ovarian Cysts
9. Genital Herpes
10. Irregular mentstrual cycle
11. Bladder Infection
12. Excessive vaginal discharge
13. Dysmenorrhea including migraine
14.Colon Bleeding
15. Headache
16. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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  1. A woman has 35 to 40 years to experience menstruation in her lifetime, probably using up 15,000 pieces of sanitary pads. According to the statistics of relevant department, 97.6% of adult women have 1 or 2 kinds of gynecological diseases, of which 70% are caused by using poor quality sanitary pads. Therefore the choice of sanitary pads is very critical.

If we take women’s physiological health into serious account, we will understand that many gynecological diseases can be avoided, which is to start with the choice of sanitary pads!

  1. Product name: Negative ion sanitary pad

III. Product composition:

(1) Natural fiber extract

(2) Strong liquid retaining factor

(3) Soft cotton

(4) far-Infrared negative ion energy chip.

  1. Characteristics of product technology

(1) Outer packaging: food-grade aluminum foil packaging is adopted, and the sealing is designed as an easy-to-pull sticker, which is repeatedly used to prevent mildew, moisture and secondary pollution.

(2) Inner package: independent package of each piece to prevent cross infection.

(3) Back glue: food-grade, striped back glue design, more comfortable and healthy, non-fluorescent agent.

(4) Thin soft cotton surface layer: rapid liquid penetration, accelerated absorption 3 times, the surface instantly dry, and fine texture, soft, comfortable body.
(5) far- Infrared Negative Ion Energy Chip: It can inhibit the growth of bacteria, remove odor, promote metabolism, eliminate toxins in the body and enhance immune function. It has conditioning and adjusting effect for vaginitis, cervicitis, dysmenorrhea and other gynecological diseases.

(6) Non-sink paper package: It will not cause harm to human body.

(7) Strong liquid retaining factor: It has super-strong liquid retaining function.

(8) Bamboo fiber breathable base membrane: base membrane is breathable.

  1. Sanitary pads’ selling points:

(1) Unique packaging of the product to prevent contamination, ensure menstrual hygiene and prevent cross-infection.

(2) Quick-infiltration thin soft cotton surface layer, soft and comfortable, seeping is irreversible.

(3) Super-strong liquid retaining factor, enhancing free movement for women during   their menstrual period, no embarrassment.

(4) Infrared negative ion energy chip can inhibit bacteria, eliminate odor, infrared energy to promote metabolism, eliminate toxins in the body, at the same time has a good conditioning effect on gynecological diseases, reduce the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

(5) Natural environmental-friendly hygienic/healthy materials.

(6) Used sanitary pads can spontaneously combust and degrade in 3-6 months, without pollution to nature.

  1. Value:

High value, low price!  The market price for a pack of 10 pieces (day) is 580 Naira and the market price for a pack of 8 pieces (night) is 680 Naira.


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