Double Plus Polarizing Eyeglasses




After the high-tech quantum energy is induced by way of the high-tech quantum energy container/cabin, the high-frequency vibration characteristic of quantum is used to promote the eye movement, activate the eye cell tissue, promote the blood circulation of eye cells, enhance the elasticity of eye muscle tissue, promote the extra eye muscles to be in a relaxed state, relieve the spasm/cramp of ciliary muscle, relieve the scleral compression phenomenon, and improve the regulation function of eyes through the activation of human cells.

It can relax, adjust, promote eye blood circulation and enhance ciliary muscle stretching;

It can enhance the adjustment function of myopia and hyperopia and alleviate the discomfort of myopia and hyperopia.

It eliminates eye fatigue, reduces the speed of myopia development and improves eyeball sensitivity;

It alleviates eye fatigue, eye soreness, eye swelling, eye pain of students and computer workers.

Comparison demonstration:

1) Either Balance test or strength test (it is an alternative choice).

2) Blood Microcirculation Test, Changes before and after using the quantum non-prescription eyeglasses.

3) The quantum products reduce the effect of salt, sour, tobacco and tipsy effect of alcohol to the body.

4) The eye chart can be used to do clarity test.


Question 1: Are energy products affected by distance?

Question 2: Are energy products affected by high temperatures?

Question 3: Will the energy of the energy product wear out or fade?

Quantum products are neither affected by distance nor high temperatures and they will not wear out and their half-life is 50 years.

Note: It is best to wear the quantum product close to the skin or any discomforted part of the body.

This kind of quantum eyeglasses instantly relieves eye fatigue and improves clarity. It can also improve the body balance, flexibility, exercise capacity, including blood microcirculation speed, improve sleep quality immediately. Invisible energy, visible effect



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