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Gold-N (Enzyme) Enzyme food that helps create the best life force for humans. Rich in energy And proteins that help build immunity, Prevent the occurrence of various diseases such as allergies, heart, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, self-allergy (SLE) and others. Red beans help blood circulation, reduce inflammation, swelling, diuretic, jasmine rice contains more than 20 minerals and vitamins.

Type: strengthen the body completely, soy helps reduce cholesterol Reducing the risk of heart disease. Millet helps to nourish the spleen, lungs, diarrhea, stomach and intestines, relieving joint pain, inhibiting the growth of tumor. Sesame is rich in protein. Helps to build muscles, blood cells, hair, hair, and various hormones The production of this enzyme is through hydrolysis, allowing cells to use nutrients immediately. By not passing through the digestion process, allowing energy to immediately refresh the body Therefore can feel the quality of the product quickly How to drink enzyme.

Take 1-2 packet of enzyme powder. Mixed with 1 cup of warm water (250 CC.) And drink it all within 30 minutes for maximum efficiency. Should be mixed with warm water at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

How to use enzymes

  1. If you want to use enzymes to help digest food, immediately brew 1-2 spoon enzymes in warm water to eat immediately before meals.
  2. If wanting to use enzymes to restore health and take care of Alzheimer’s disease Various A enzyme brew 1-2 spoons in warm water Eat before meals ½ hour – 1 hour, or on an empty stomach, 4 times a day.

If wanting to use enzymes for restoring health and taking care of various degenerative diseases, A brew 1-2 enzymes in warm water. Eat before meals ½ hour – 1 hour, or on an empty stomach, 4 times a day.


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