High Grade Bone Ceramic Tableware




Product compositions:

  • the main ingredient is animal bone powder
  • Natural and pollution-free pottery clay
  • Containing a variety of minerals and trace elements essential for the human body (e.g., calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, copper, iron, etc.).
  • Quantum energy is added to the product.

The ancient ceramic musical instrument production process is applied in the production process and the modern high-tech is added. Being delicate in texture, glazed white, it is known as “as thin as paper, as white as snow, as bright as a mirror, with jade quality, it sounds like a bell.
4. Product functions

  • Improving micro-circulation and activating water molecules in the body
  • Activating human cells and enhancing metabolism.
  • Instantly improving the strength of human body by 50%, balance by 30% and flexibility by 15%
  • It has the functions of improving water molecules, purifying water, removing toxic and harmful substances in water and making water cleaner.
  • It has the functions of purifying food ingredients by decomposing or reducing the toxic and hazardous substances in ingredients, including hormones, food additives, purine and pesticide and fertilizer residues.
  • It has bacteriostasis and fresh-keeping function: it can inhibit bacteria breeding, food is not easy to deteriorate, and has good fresh-keeping effect on fruits and vegetables.
  • It has the function of adjusting the liquor, the cigarette taste, making the high liquor taste more refreshing, soft; making the cigarette taste lighter.
  1. Comparison demonstration:

(1) Strike the tableware and make a demonstration “bowl that can sing”. It shows that its production process contains the genes of ancient ceramic musical instruments and has the value of collection.

(2) Improving the taste of food (fruit, beer) (can get smokers to do the experiment)

(3) Pressure resistance test. Balance test. Flexibility test. The experiment in which four women lift men)

(4) Field test of any quantum product.

  1. Precautions:

(1) Do not use in the microwave oven

(2) Tableware ceramic plate is very fragile thus,should be handle with care

7. Value: a good product and an investment opportunity


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