Men’s Quantum Graphene Underwear




Meet men’s energy needs, happy moment, fabulous!

Six advantages:

  1. Scientific Arrangement of Energy Magnet stone (Magnetic Field is released 360 degrees by Energy Magnet stone)
  2. Plant aromatherapy pack is placed to absorb the aroma (lavender bagels emitting aromatic odor molecules to aromatherapy the male golden triangle)
  3. U-pouch design (separate/independent nest space, larger and more spacious)
  4. 3D with no side stitches/seams/seamless sides (one-piece tailoring with no sewing lines/seams on either side of the thigh)
  5. Graphene implantation/induction (graphene is implanted/induced inside the front width of the underwear and inside the waist part of the underwear, and the energy is stored and the temperature rises so that the far-infrared energetic field is released)
  6. Selected high-quality fabrics (nanometer-magnetic fibers blended with cotton to make it comfortable, soft and breathable)


Functional efficacy of product:

Scientifically implanting quantum energy generates wonderful hundreds of millions of high-frequency vibration wave at a time, releases 360 degrees of balanced pressure, releases energy magnetic field round the clock, activates body cells so that the cells have sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply, body electric field is balanced and human internal organs can be well protected. Effective bactericidal and antibacterial, microcirculation can be improved and it helps for antibacterial & deodorization of the testicle. It has significant effect for healthy male reproductive system, to prevent scrotal eczema, urethritis, prostatitis and other symptoms. Effectively stimulate hormones, enhance renal motility, prevent impotency, premature ejaculation, and penile atrophy, promote penile development, improve sexual function, improve the quality of sexual life and enhance the body’s immunity.

Product Demonstration:

1) Either Balance test or strength test (it is an alternative choice).

2) Blood Microcirculation Test: Quantum Graphene Underwear Promotes Blood Microcirculation Speed

3) The graphene in crotch and waist parts of the underwear can make light bulb power on

4) The Nanometer magnetic material of the whole fabric can be detected by magnetic field tester.

Quantum graphene underwear rapidly promotes the speed of microcirculation in the male reproductive system and also improves the body’s balance, flexibility and exercise capacity. It improves male reproductive health with immediate results.

The energy is invisible but the effect is visible.

Note: It is recommended to wear quantum underwear every day and buy three pieces of underwear at a time. Wear one, wash one and spare one. Quantum products work best when applied close to the skin or the parts with physical discomfort.


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