Norland Magic Pan




  • Cooking time on the stove is less than 20 minutes (yay!).
  • Great for casseroles and slow-cooker recipes.
  • Food stays moist and tender and vegetables retain their shape and texture.
  • The thermal cooker can be used for making cakes or muffins.
  • Food does not get overcooked, dried up or burnt.
  • Cooking can be done on the gas stove, electric stove and open campfire (great for camping).
  • Thermal cooking saves energy because cooking time on the stove is less than 20 minutes (definitely less money to pay when the gas bill arrives!).
  • No scrubbing of burnt food and less washing to do because everything can be served from the pot if nobody complains!

    Product Features

    • 2500 Ton Forged Aluminum Construction: Happycall Diamond Pan forged with this special method makes it more dense and solid than general casting frying pans and provides excellent smoothness.
    • 5 Layers of Diamond coating, Best known NON-STICK cooking surface: Strong Diamond DNC 5 layers coating ensures strength and hardness to resist scratch, abrasion and corrosion. The ‘non-stick’ function prevents food from sticking to the surface and provides easy cleaning.
    • Protective Porcelain Anti-Scratch, Anti-Stain Outer Coating: Eco-friendly Porcelain triple coating is applied making the Happycall Diamond Frying Pan strong against exterior scratches and peels.
    • 4 times more heat conductive than most cookware: Diamond has the best heat conductivity (5 times more than copper, 140 times more than stainless steel) and is not harmful to the human body.
    • PFOA Free: No environmental harmful substance was found. Its coating is non-toxic.

    Other cool features:

    • Ergonomic bakelite handle and flame guard
    • Quarter inches thick yet lightweight aluminum construction
    • Extra durability & strength
    • Heat source ready: electric hob, vitro ceramic, gas hob
    • Dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended


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