Osy Magnetic Moxibustion Hotpaste




Magnetic Moxibustion Hot Paste

Magnetic moxibustionReTie is based on the theory of external treatment in TCM disease and treatment meridians conduction principle and development of a new type of external heat therapy products, this product eclecticism, break through the traditional, heat treatment and far-infrared magnetic therapy and specific frequency treatment, the combination of collaborative work, triple physics three-way one, than the market similar products for longer, more significant curative effect.

Magnetic moxibustion hot paste — a new type of orthopedic consumables

Magnetic moxibustion hot paste as a new type of clinical orthopedic consumables, heat therapy, far infrared therapy, green

Magnetic therapy and medical therapy are integrated. Moxibustion orthopedic consumables are made according to the traditional Chinese theory of moxibustion.

Moxibustion therapy patch magnetic moxibustion hot paste contact with air can be self-heating, heat for a long time, stable, but Continuous heating 18-24 hours, heating temperature maintained at 55 degrees, higher than the body surface temperature

Degree but will not burn the skin, orthopedics supplies magnetic moxibustion hot stick fever, can be quickly raised

High temperature in the affected area, dilate the blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, relax the meridians and clear collaterals, and stop the disease quickly

Product Features

  1. It is widely used in clinic, mainly used in orthopedics, acupuncture, TCM physiotherapy and health Compound massage and other departments
  2. Large space, good operation, can be directly into the hospital without bidding.
  3. Elaborate preparation, painless and non-invasive, good curative effect, quick effect.
  4. Six – step treatment to remove bone pain. Search wind – clear poison – pull out cold – disintegrate – relieve pain – repair.
  5. Black paste type selective

Product advantage

  1. Promote cell metabolism, activation of cells, thereby accelerating the elimination of waste and harmful substances in cells.
  2. Balance the endocrine system.
  3. Promote blood circulation and improve micro circulation.
  4. Promote inflammation fade, eliminate inflammation swelling and pain.
  5. Enhance and improve the immune function of the human body, improve the resistance of the body to disease.
  6. Improve lipid metabolism, have the effect of reducing cholesterol.
  7. Eliminate fatigue, promote physical recovery.


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