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n principle, prostatic hyperplasia is more common in middle-aged and elderly men .But in recent years the number of people with the disease has increased.

Young, this and men’s unhealthy lifestyle has a great deal, such as smoking, drinking, etc. Patients with prostatic hyperplasia Usually have frequent urination, increased nocturnal urine, urgency, urinary incontinence symptoms.

Presentation, severe patients also have hematuria, urinary tract infection, kidney Function damage and other phenomena appear. According to the hospital years of prostate patients seeking medical treatment statistics.

Look, autumn and winter season is the high incidence of prostate disease, there are more

More than 60 percent of prostate cancer patients will become worse or worse

Recurrence, prostatic hyperplasia is one of them.

Before The Gland Inflammation

Prostatitis is a common urological disease in men aged 50 years

The following takes the first place.

In 1995 the NIH developed a new classification of prostatitis,

  1. Equivalent to the traditional classification of acute bacterial prostatitis.
  2. Equivalent to the traditional classification of chronic bacterial prostatitis.
  3. Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
  4. Asymptomatic prostatitis.

Non-bacterial prostatitis is far more common than bacterial prostatitis.

Product Advantage

  1. Prostate paste is to extract the active ingredients, concentrated in the paste, using the skin’s respiratory effect on local lesions, quick effect, easy to use, and improve the effect of prostatitis.
  2. Prostatitis softens the capsule, speeds up gland retraction, and relieves symptoms of the disease in a few days, improving the efficacy of prostatitis.
  3. Prostate paste by containing far infrared ceramic powder non-woven fabric, permanent magnet, pressure sensitive adhesive, hair tropical and silicone oil paper composition
  4. It is suitable for chronic prostatitis caused by frequent urination, pain in urination, frequent urination at night, pain in urination, which can improve the clinical symptoms.

Product Attributes

  1. Structure performance: The product is composed of non-woven fabric containing far infrared ceramic powder, permanent magnet, pressure sensitive adhesive, heating bag and silicon oil paper
  2. Scope of application:Prostatic hyperplasia, sexual function is low, frequency urination painful urination urgent, prostatitis, kidney deficiency caused by backache.
  3. Storage: The product should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated and clean environment with relative humidity less than 80% and no corrosive gas.

Take Precautions And Stay Away From The Prostate!

  1. Drink more water. Drinking more water not only dilutes the blood, but also effectively dilutes the concentration of urine.
  2. Not holding urine, which is bad for the bladder and prostate.
  3. Abstinence sex to prevent prostatic hypertrophy.
  4. Learn to relax. Life stress may increase the chance of prostate enlargement.
  5. Take a warm bath. A warm bath relieves tension in the muscles and prostate gland, and relieves discomfort.
  6. Keep your scrotum clean.
  7. To prevent cold, do not sit for a long time on the cool stone, because the cold can make the sympathetic nerve excited increase, Causes increased pressure in the urethra and causes reflux.
  8. Avoid friction perineum, friction will aggravate the prostate disease.
  9. Adjust living habits, should not drink as far as possible, eat less hot pepper and other exciting food, in order to avoid making recurrent congestion in the prostate and bladder neck can increase the sensation of local swelling.


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