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Human beings have a history of discovering Ozone for 100 years.Because of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, a layer of the Ozone layer, which surrounds the outer space of the earth, is formed at an altitude of 15 to 25 kilometers above the earth’s surface. This thick layer of the Ozone layer is the umbrella for human survival, and it is protecting life on the earth. That’s all most people know about Ozone.


  1. Under natural conditions, it is a light blue gas;
  2. It has a smell similar to the fishy smell after lightning;
  3. Under the conditions of standard pressure and room temperature, its solubility in water is 13 times that of oxygen.
  4. The molar mass of Ozone is 1.658 times heavier than that of air.
  5. Ozone has strong oxidation ability, so Ozone is one of the strongest oxidants known at present.
  6. Under normal conditions, the chemical properties of Ozone are volatile, so it is easy to decompose into oxygen.
  7. Ozone molecule has diamagnetism, so Ozone molecule can easily bind to an electron to form negative ion-molecule.
  8. The half-life of Ozone in the air is generally 20 to 50 minutes, and its half-life will accelerate with the increase of temperature and humidity.
  9. The half-life of Ozone in water is about 35 minutes, and the half-life varies with the difference in water quality and water temperature.
  10. Ozone is extremely stable in ice with a half-life of 2000 years.

The Development History of Ozone

In 1945, Marignac and Delarive recognized the transformation of pure oxygen to Ozone.

In 1852, Becguerel and Fremy described Ozone as an isomer of oxygen; in 1856, Ozone was first used to sterilize hospital rooms in Paris.

In 1889, Labbe and Donatien conducted experiments on Ozone in people with tuberculosis and anemia, and they demonstrated that the rate of oxygenated hemoglobin increased by 30 percent after weeks of administration of Ozone3.

In 1891, Dr. Hellet announced four successful cases of pertussis in Clichy Hospital.

In 1902, Hurion pleaded at the Paris Medical School for his paper on the treatment of pertussis by inhaling Ozone and became the first person to receive a doctorate in medicine with Ozone.

On January 7, 1906, France officially authorized the use of Ozone for the treatment of public drinking water.

Sterilization principle of Ozone

Mechanism of inactivation of bacteria by Ozone:

In general, the inactivation of bacteria by Ozone is always carried out very quickly.Different from other fungicides, Ozone can react with the lipid double bond of the cell wall of bacteria, penetrates the cell, and act on proteins and lipopolysaccharide, which can change the permeability of cells and eventually lead to bacterial death.In addition, Ozone acts on intracellular nuclear substances, such as purines and pyrimidines in nucleic acids, to destroy DNA.

Mechanism of virus inactivation by Ozone:

First of all, the role of Ozone on the virus is the virus capsid protein of the four polypeptide chains, and causeRNA damage, especially the formation of its protein.When Ozone oxidizes the bacteriophage, it can be observed by an electron microscope that its epidermis has been broken into many fragments and released a lot of ribonucleic acids, thus interfering with its adsorption to the host.

The thorough sterilization of Ozone is beyond doubt.

Technical Application of Ozone

As a strong oxidant, disinfectant, refined preparation, catalyst, and so on, Ozone is widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, food, pharmaceutical, and perfume industries.Since 1905, Ozone has been used for water treatment. So far, more than 3000 water farms in the world have used Ozone for water treatment, because some quality problems of drinking water can be solved by using Ozone.At present, most countries in Japan and Europe and the United States have applied Ozone technology to the sterilization of medical devices and tableware.

The Core Technology of OSY Universal Ozone Oil

Traditionally, Ozone deoiled oil is produced by aeration of high concentration Ozone made from edible oil with high purity medical oxygen for a long time.Starting in 2008, through the use of natural extra virgin olive oil, we tested the first batch of olive oil and maintained the same quality until it was put on the market in 2013, in addition, we continue to innovate and fine control in the production process.

Seven Functions Of OSY Universal Ozone Oil

  1. Sterilize. It can kill staphylococci, salmonella, Typhimurium, botulinum, tetanus, hepatitis B virus (HBV), HIV (HIV), and so on. At the same time, the reproductive tract infection caused by different causes and different pathogenic bacteria can contact the focus and kill the bacteria quickly, so as to treat the disease effectively.
  2. Anti-inflammation. Ozone effectively kills all kinds of bacteria that cause inflammation, thus wholly eliminating all types of common inflammation.
  3. Suppression. At the same time of sterilization, it can also effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, so as to strengthen the phagocytosis of leukocytes and improve the immune ability.
  4. Reduce the pain. Stimulating intermediate inhibitory neurons to release enkephalin and other substances, in order to promote the absorption of nerve terminal inflammatory substances, so as to achieve the purpose of analgesia and analgesia.
  5.  Fix. In the body, the “cellular active factor” produced by Ozone can improve leukocyte activity, phagocytosis, and antiviral ability, and can promote cell metabolism and reproduction. At the same time, the increase in oxygen supply can accelerate the healing of ulcers and wounds.
  6. Blood circulation. It can improve the supply of oxygen and the utilization of oxygen, so as to play the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
  7. Take care of the skin. Through the role of active substances of Ozone gas, can play the role of activating cells, eliminate free radicals in the body, mobilize the operation of qi and blood, so it can fundamentally solve the problem of curing the root of the problem, so as to play the effect of beauty and beauty.


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