Quantum Light Energy Telomerase Phototherapy Machine




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Light Quantum Telomerase Activation Instrument (LQTAI) consist of seven different lights which produces different healing effects in the body. The following are the lights and their effects:


Clinical effect OF Calcium Supplement Light
Wavelength: 320nm

After illuminating the human skin, by photochemical reaction, the calcium supplement light promotes the conversion of 7-dehydrogenation cholesterol of the skin into cholecalciferol, improving the metabolism of the calcium phosphate ion, so as to increase the bone density, treat osteoporosis, rickets and stunting, prevent and treat the diseases of cardiovascular and , endocrine and immune system caused by metabolic abnormalities of calcium phosphate ions.

Clinical effect: Of Red light
Wavelength:     635nm

High energy red light penetration is strong, suitable for anti-inflammation and analgesia, accelerating wound healing, improving the activity of cell enzymes, improving ion metabolism, reducing muscle tension, relieving muscle spasm, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cell mutation. Red light is also clinically used for neurodermatitis, acne, burns, tendonitis, bruising, chronic cough, asthma, eczema, arthralgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Clinical effect: of Green light
Wavelength:     560nm

It has the function of stability and relaxation, analgesic action of sensory nerve is more obvious, therefore, is good for the phototherapy of high blood pressure, hemiplegia and nervous breakdown. Green light is also used in the treatment of asthma, menopausal syndrome, nerve numbness, kidney disease, diabetes and gastrointestinal diseases, expelling toxin, relaxing nerves, sedative hypnotic, eliminating depressed mood and treating skin roughness, wrinkle, black head, acne and endocrine disorders caused by fatigue and mental stress.

Clinical Effect: Blue light
Wavelength:     415nm

It promotes the synthesis of protein and collagen, whitens skin and teeth, suitable for jaundice of newborns, as well as allergic, oily and acne skin, restraining the acrid bacteria, activating and tightening skin and pregnancy spots; At the same time, it also has the ability to relax nerves, relieve pain, increase red blood cells, eliminate tissue congestion and enhance the function of the lymphatic system. It is also used in the clinical treatment of goitre, chronic heart disease, insomnia and menopausal syndrome.

Clinical effect: Purple Light
Wavelength:     308nm

It stimulates the secretion system and dredges lymph glands. It is effective on mucous membrane ulcers and acne. 

Clinical Effect: Yellow light
Wavelength:     590nm

Dispel speckles and desensitization, inhibit the precipitation of melanin in the skin, promote hair growth and accelerate the healing of wounds and ulcers. It improves immunity while enhancing epinephrine. In medicine, epinephrine is used to stimulate the heart when the heart is stopped or expand the trachea when asthma occurs.

Clinical Effect: Orange light
Wavelength:     590nm

It promotes blood circulation, quickens metabolism, enhances thyroid function, reduces cerebrovascular and coronary atherosclerosis, increases appetite, treatment emasculation and anemia for general heart disease, especially weak heartbeat, the orange light should be used alternatively with blue light for the treatment of chronic heart disease and palpitation. 


NOTE that this machine is not suitable for the following people.

  • Pregnant Women,
  • Patients with advanced cancer and acute diseases,
  • coronary artery stent or coronary artery bypass grafts,
  • pacemakers implants and
  • silicone implants under the skin.

Characteristics of high-frequency energy light wave: The resonance effect of quantum energy generates hundreds of millions of vibrations per second, forming high-frequency energy waves.
It can form resonance and conduction with the magnetic field energy of human cells.


Precautions: The product cannot replace drugs or medical devices. But it enhances the function of medications. The elements used in each product is subject to the specific material information of the product

📌 Promotes Blood Circulation
📌Improves metabolism
📌Enhances Thyroid function
📌Treat Coronary diseases
📌Treats Cardiovascular Arteriosclerosis
📌Treats Emansculation
📌General Heart Problem
📌Dispels Speckles
📌Inhibits Melanin
📌 Promotes Protein Synthesis
📌 Promotes Collagen Synthesis
📌 Beautifies Skin
📌 Whitens Teeth
📌Treats Jaundice in New borns
📌 Allergic situation
📌Oily skin
📌 Restrains Acrid Bacteria
📌 Tightens Skin, Removes pregnancy spot
📌 Relieves Pain, Relaxes nerves
📌 Reduces red blood cells
📌 Treats Athritis
📌 Eczema
📌 Treats Osteoporosis
📌 Treats Stunting growth
📌Treats Ricketts
📌 Cerebrovascular disease
📌 Endocrine Function
📌 Joint Pain
📌 Treats Bruising
📌 Improves Sexual Function
📌 Treats Prostate condition
📌 Gastrointestinal diseases
📌 Sedative Hypnotic to improve slee
📌 Promotes Stability of body
📌 Analgesic action on sensory nerves
📌 Treats Insomnia
📌 Menopause Syndrome
📌Treats Chronic diseases
📌 High blood pressure
📌 STROKE (Hemiplegia)
📌 Nervous Syndrome
📌Nerve numbness
📌 Kidney diseases
📌 Diabetes treatment
📌Cancer treatment


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