Stress and Sleep


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Many people suffer from stress. It doesn’t matter whether it is about going to a special event or losing a job, it can hurt you if not handled properly. It should be looked after naturally and the tools that work best are meditation and yoga but natural stress relief supplements also do wonders. VitaTree Stress and Sleep supplements work wonders on stress.

Remember, vitamins for stress relief can have serious ill effects. Vitamin B Complex is synthetic and uses many chemicals that don’t work well with many people. The negative consequences of taking Vitamin B can include nausea and insomnia. People can even suffer from vomiting and dizziness. You can avoid these issues with VitaFruits and VitaVeggies and you’ll suffer no side effects since everything is natural. VitaTree Stress and Sleep supplements have blended herbs that balance the nervous system without leaving you tired the next day.

Like our other fine products, this was formulated by Naturopathic Doctor Janine Bowring and this can even help with mood swings and panic attacks as well as anxiety.

Here Are The Ingredients:

Passion Flower- Used by native people in promoting emotional balance.
Scullcap– Works well with irritability associated with menopause and PMS.
Lemon Balm Powder– Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is thought of as a calming herb.
Valerian (0.8% Valerenic Acid)– Traditionally used in Western herbalism to relieve nervousness and as a sleep aid.

Adult Recommended Dose:
For nervousness- take 1 capsule, two times daily, on an empty stomach.


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