Our detox product is a detox formula that improves the major organs of excretion. VitaDetox is a natural detox of all toxins from the tissues and blood.

Dr. Janine Bowring, is well known as the author of The Healthy Millionaire™, and she formulated this product. The preparation of VitaDetox™ ultimate cleanse is exceptional because it contains herbal detox medicines and VitaVeggies™ and Vitafruits.These antioxidants suppress free radicals.

VitaDetox™ includes:
This internal organ detoxification process has a liver cleaner and something for the kidney, colon, skin and lungs in one unit. This product even helps you lose weight and can be used for constipation and as a skin detoxification helper.

Undergoing an organic detox is a better way of preventing disease than looking for a cure after you get sick.

All About THis Wonder Product

VitaDetox™ Total Body Cleanse is many different products all rolled into one. VitaDetox is a total process and a natural detox for all your internal organs. The need for VitaDetox in undeniable with all the toxicity in our environment and everyday lives. The medical experts from VitaTree® Nutritionals™ suggest a detox regime that lasts for at least two months when the seasons change.

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