Whole Food Calcium



VitaTree Whole Food Calcium Capsules are the best form of calcium that your body can recognize and absorb, in an easy to swallow capsule with all natural ingredients. Made from Whole Food, the coral calcium in VitaTree Whole Food Calcium capsules is a combination of Kale, a green leafy vegetable that is native to north America and is very high in micronutrients and calcium and the coral calcium which is the best absorbed form of calcium for the body as it is alkaline and goes into the bones easily.

Ocean coral in the VitaTree Whole Food Calcium Capsules contains naturally occurring calcium, plus 69 other trace minerals that help the absorption of calcium including silica, boron and rubidium.  These trace minerals help to increase the alkalinity in the body and as we age our body becomes more acidic.  This acidity can lead to diseases and the loss of calcium from the bones to try to buffer the blood.  Unhealthy cells like bacteria and cancer cells thrive in an acid environment, something we want to avoid. The VitaTree Whole Food Calcium helps to keep us alkaline and ensures the proper absorption of the calcium into our bones and teeth where it is needed.


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