One of AG Cera distributors who is a physician, a biomedical researcher, a clinical geneticist and biotechnologist has these to say; I have seen and treated hundreds of patients with different kinds of ailments in more than 25 years of my clinical practice as a doctor. Some patients’ illnesses are acute (short term) while others are chronic (long term). For these ailments, though all treatable, cures have not yet been found for many of them, while for some, cures have been found through advanced research breakthroughs, some of which I know. I have spent over 12 years of my clinical experience doing biomedical research and looking for innovative solutions to human health problems. With my research knowledge, I have come across many of these innovative solutions in the forms of patented healthcare products and natural supplements, some of which I have used both for my own health and for the health of my patients with amazing and miraculous results. Therefore, whether an ailment yet has a cure or not, there are many research-based healthcare products that have provided many patients amazing recoveries from their ailments and have taken away the disease burdens from them and their families. One of such modern medical breakthroughs of our time which I have found and used, is what I call the PLANT STEM CELL // AG CERA
This medical breakthrough produced by Professor Herbert Nagasawa from the USA, is one of  the most advanced researcher for now. It is more effective than the next best alternative anywhere in the market from anywhere else in the world. This natural plant composition called Ag Cera raises the  level in the cells of the human body by 300% when taken SUB-LINGUALLYy. When that happens, what follows next is a health miracle. Ag Cera is the Master Antioxidant of the human body which is naturally produced by every cell of the body. It is the natural product of the human cell which helps everything in the human body to work and function normally from the cellular level to the tissue level to the organ level and to the whole body level.  Plant stem cell is a  natural substance in the product called Ag Cera. When Ag Cera is used sub-lingually, it enters the cell and helps it to rejuvenate dead cells to living cells in higher quantities, thereby healing and helping the body to function normally.
I have used it personally and I have also used it to solve the health problems of my patients many of which had defied conventional drug treatments. The product helps people with the following health challenges:-
Premature Ageing,
Erectile dysfunction,
Male/ female infertility,
Cataract/ Glaucoma,
Sickle cell,
Angina Pectoris,
Kidney disease,
Parkinson’s, epilepsy,
Wound healing, fatique,
Hepatitis B & C,
HIV and over 70 other ailments.
You may need the product for yourself or you will know someone that needs the product for their health. In addition, there is also a business opportunity from Ag Nutrition (the marketing company) which goes with the product. This will be of financial benefit to you or someone you know.
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